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After receiving the application you will be contacted to clarify the details of obtaining the credit. In some cases it can take up to 15 minutes

We draw your attention to the fact that our employees never call customers and demand money from them. If someone is calling you and asked for money that means that scammers are calling!

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Scoring – what is it?

The ability to assess a person`s ability to service a credit.
The higher the level to which the borrower corresponds, the higher
the possibility of receiving money and the better conditions offered to him.
If you want to obtain a credit history, fill out the questionnaire.

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About the service

Service provides services for selecting the best option for obtaining loan funds. We cooperate with organizations that offer various conditions for receiving funds throughout Mexico. We are constantly working on the expansion of partner companies. Therefore by filling out an application on our resource you will receive favorable conditions for receiving funds! Subsequently, the bank or financial institution may request additional documents. The application is filled out only in person!

Consequences of non-payment of loan funds.

In the case of non-repayment of the credit amount or the amount of interest for the use of credit funds within the stipulated period the creditor will be forced to charge a penalty for late payment. Most creditors make concessions and give 3 additional working days for payment. They are provided in case, for example, if the bank transfer took longer time than usual.

However, if you do not receive any response for a long time, a late payment penalty will be charged at an average of 0.10% of the original amount for loan, 0.03% of the outstanding amount on average for consumer credits and credit cards . If you do not comply with the conditions for repayment of credits and loans, your data may be transferred to the register of debtors or the credit bureau, which will negatively affect on your credit history and creditworthiness rating. The debt may be referred to a collection agency for debt collection. If a delay is allowed, the further extension of the loan is impossible.

The creditor will promptly inform you about all payment deadlines by SMS or e-mail. We recommend you to make the payment on the same day you receive these reminders. By repaying debts on time, you build a good credit history, which increases your credit rating and the chances of getting a credit on more favorable terms in the future.

The example of loan calculation

If you took a loan in the amount of $30 000 for 3 months with an interest rate of 4.5% per month, then after the end of the loan term, the overpayment will amount to $4 050. It turns out that you return 34 050. Below are the calculations of interest accrued for further independent calculation of the loan repayment amount (with interest) users of the average service. The amount is $30 000, the interest rate per month is 4.5%, and the loan term is 3 months. 4.5 (%) * 3 (months) = 13.5% for 3 months (13.5% * $30 000 (loan amount)) / 100% = $4 050 (amount of accrued interest) $30 000 + $4 050 = $34 500 is the amount of money needed to be repaid in 3 months.

In case of violation of the terms, the penalty amount is 0.10% of the overdue amount per day, but not more than 10% of the loan amount. In сase of a long delay in repayment, the information will be transferred to the credit bureau. The loan may be extended if the lender is informed in a timely manner (before the loan repayment date) and interest for the initial loan term is paid. There are no additional fees for loan extensions.